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Eric Jensen
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Eric Jensen


Yes! Attending Reunion

Currently, I'm a carrier for USPS in Lincoln, with 23 total years service. Also, I put my lofty 1.7 GPA in High School English to great use (LOL) as the bowling writer for Star City Sports for eight years ending 2011 (and now again spot- contributing).

Also I just noticed Google recognizing the 50th anniversary of the first airing of The Flintstones. What does it mean to be older than a TV series depicting cavemen? Maybe I need to call Geico tomorrow...

Expanding my music interests over the past decade, though I read more than listen. Entered classical through the piano works of Liszt and Debussy (and Chopin, of course), and am expanding out more fully. Still yet to fully appreciate Mozart, but I see that an unreachable target!

Also, discovered 80s+ Danish "west coast" music via the internet...Dodo & the Dodo's, Lis Sørensen, Moonjam, TV-2, News, Søs Fenger, etc. Great underappreciated talent, lots of fun listening, but still trying to understand some of the words and context! I enjoy the vistas of world music, streamed over the internet to a computer near you!

Book-wise, I began a fairly heavy reading regimen in the Classics, 19th C. Russian lit (Tolstoy, Goncharov, Lermontov, etc.), philosophy, business, Austrian Economics, etc., over the past 15 years. Currently reading authors like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Claude Bristol, and many others...and venturing out further with Esther and Jerry Hicks, David Hawkins, Rhonda Byrne, Gregg Braden, David Wilcock, Deepak Chopra...LOL...who knew in 1978?

Currently spending time improving my familiarity with Danish and Swedish languages; also dabbled in Russian. Bought a bass guitar and am going to give that a whirl as well.

School Story:

I got to compile the averages for the LNE Intramural Bowling league in 1978 for Mr. Blue. I still have the final results of the league, so many of your efforts are still living in infamy! LOL

Never a real fan of school (thanks, Whittier), I started counting down my days to freedom at the end of the mid-semester break in 1977! Thankfully I realized the importance of continued education soon after...though never again in a classroom. I never liked school but always have fond memories of our class and feel blessed to be part of it all.

A couple of great memories of Hartley Elementary included Mr. Hellerich in 6th grade, letting me pursue some higher math at my own discretion, and befriending Tim Helms in 1968. Both laid seeds that were important as my life unfolded. A couple of weeks before Tim was killed I learned of his return to Lincoln and thought how much fun it would be to get together and discuss the directions our lives took us. If you're reading this and have something to share with someone, consider TAKING ACTION before it's too late. Tell someone you love them, or whatever it is. You just never know.

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Eric Jensen has a birthday today.
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Eric Jensen has a birthday today.
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Eric Jensen has a birthday today.
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Eric Jensen has a birthday today.
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Eric Jensen has a birthday today.
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